Fattening &
Finished Bulls

Purcell Brothers provides best-in-class beef breeds to its customers in Turkey, and a wide variety of breeds to its customers in North Africa and The Middle East. In addition to large numbers of cattle from producers, Purcell Brothers also farms numerous breeds of cattle on its own properties to prepare them to the appropriate export specification.

Our beef cattle are grass-fed, travel well and give exceptionally high meat yields. With best-in-class health and welfare protocols in place, Purcell Brothers supplies quality assured livestock with 100% traceability.


Purcell Brothers can also supply premium quality calves from Ireland to mainland Europe using our dedicated, modern and fully compliant livestock vessel, the MV Alondra, for this trade.

Dairy Sector

Dairy cattle are sourced from the best producers in Ireland,  who are known for superior milk quality and volume. Purcell Brothers has direct access to large volumes of cattle and multiple breeds. Pre-export preparation facilities in Ireland ensure that all cattle meet all export protocols.

Purcell Brothers welcomes the opportunity to tender for live cattle contracts with private and public sector clients and has the necessary licences and permits to ensure no delay in delivery.

The company supports its clients with a continuous supply of quality
livestock and strives to establish long term partnerships.
The Purcell Brothers management team covers all critical areas
including animal welfare, agricultural practices, veterinary,
health & safety, shipping and logistics.


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