Our History

Since its establishment in 1970, Purcell Brothers has shipped cattle and sheep from Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South America to customers in Turkey, North Africa, Middle East, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, England, Portugal, Spain, the Caribbean and China.

Founded by the late Seamus Purcell, a pioneer in the cattle and livestock business, Purcell Brothers became the largest livestock exporter of cattle in the world, exporting large quantities of livestock to multiple destinations.

Purcell Brothers has unrivalled relationships with farmers, agents and Government Offices worldwide. The company can execute large contracts with private and public sector clients and welcomes the opportunity to develop new and existing relationships.

Our Excellence

Purcell Brothers are industry leaders in the export of livestock from Ireland. Purcell Brothers health and welfare standards ensure quality assured livestock with 100% traceability.

We source premium cattle through our rigorous selection process. We work directly with private and public sector clients to ensure the supply of quality livestock.

Our beef cattle are raised in grass pastures where they have ample space to graze and forage for food naturally. Our animals travel well and give high yields of meat when slaughtered.

Our Global Reach

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