Since 1970, Purcell Brothers (Purcell) has shipped cattle and sheep from Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South America to countries such as Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, England, Portugal, Spain, the Caribbean, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey and China.

Purcell is synonymous with the success of the International livestock export business, and has an exceptional reputation for delivery, quality, value and compliance.

Founded by Seamus Purcell, who was regarded as a pioneer in the cattle and livestock business, he turned Purcell into the largest livestock exporter of cattle in the world, exporting large quantities of livestock to multiple destinations. Worldwide Purcell has unrivaled relationships with farmers, agents and Government Offices and has the capability to execute large contracts with private and public sector clients.


Apart from Purcell having access to large numbers of cattle from local producers, we also farm numerous breeds of cattle on our own properties to get them to suitable specifications for export.


At Purcell we source dairy cattle from the best producers across Australia and New Zealand which are prized for their superior milk quality and volume.

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